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of these years later after buildings buck yellinged the city is in danger. >> the earthquake shook san francisco. nearly a quarter century later much of the city is vulnerable. >> this may be surprising is that the same building exists all over the city. you can find them in sunset and direction. >> david work was the stoi survey so called soft structures. buildings where the first story might be week because a wide open sprais space has been carved out. the city identified nearly 3,000 of the most dangerous staggering. >> 3,000 buildings, house close to 60,000 residents and 7,000 workers. and small businesses. the buildings trgited are wood frame built between 1978, three or more stories with five, or more units of housing. gavin news yom called for a mandatory measure. now, that is the plan. and the work could cost close to $150,000 one group is on board. >> i believe it's a burden to property owners financially and tenants having work done in bilgds but you put put a price on life safety. >> cording to supervisor hsu banks will offer financing package skptz retro fits will be phased in giving
-recent numbers for cancellations are that there are 60 total today here at sfo. 40 departures. major cities are boston, new york, newark and philadelphia. >> this is people on the east coast. >> airlines saw it coming and began notifying people yesterday. united set up an area just for rebooking. these tourists are disappointed their four days have been cut in half. they're rerouted to dallas, then, on to washington, d.c.. >> maybe there is no attempt to go sight seeing. maybe. >> do you have a place to stay? just the airport? >> airport. >> these players are trying to get to new york for a match. >> they're not giving us information about what is going on. >> did they reroute you?. >> not yet. >> what did they say to do? >> hold tight. >> this seasoned traveler is betting on getting out tomorrow afternoon to jfk. he's sticking around the airport this afternoon to check in. >> the plane i'm taking has a unique seating chart there. is a seat i know goes all the way back. >> a lot of it depends on how long it takes this weather system to move through cities and how severe weather is. how long
streets of santa cruz while the force mourns. >> vic, thank you. >> the city had never lost an officer in the line of duty until yesterday. now, the department and community are struggling with the loss of detective sargeant loweren butch baker preparing to retire soon and detective butler, abc 7 news is in santa cruz with more on both of them. sergio? >> and happening now is a vigil put together. you can see people here at this community center just part of the group. inside of the room, it's where cards this, is just the latest show of support by the community for their police department. that is still struggling to deal with the loss two of veteran police officers. the police chief held up two photos. they're service pictures of two fallen officers. the chief says he was close to sargeant loweren butch baker. they started on the force at about the same time chief voguel said he was an excellent investigator. >> boy say butch was my most-skilled investigator with the police department. >> baker and his partner, elizabeth butler were gunned down yesterday as they investigated possible
no chase but to retire after years of being the victim of discrimination by city officials. he made charges public node a city hearing. abc 7 news has this exclusive report. >> for at least the past tle years the city of san francisco has engaged in a blatanttcst ongoing pattern and practice of discrime nation he mince nod words when telling the i that the city repeatedly violated rights and he said was a sad irony. until he retired stein was program administrate of the mayor office on disability. a job he held for 10 years. >> and and that disability access over for decades. >> it could happen. >> the mayor saw disability is located in the war memorial building. stein says he got seriously longrfmrñ hallway was painted. >> what i have is something called linitis. my signises get swollen. i get bad headaches with every new exposure i get sick harder and sick longer. >> stein told the hearing building management refused to make accommodations like giving advanced nlts of future paint jobs or using paint with lower grade chemicals. after he filed a complaint he says the city attorney agrowe
at 4:00 and 5:00, a massive fire which continues to burn at an upcame shopping center in kansas city, missouri. >> carolyn: you can see much of the building has been reduced to rubble. at least seven injuries have been reported. five of them critical. there are three people unaccounted for tonight. police say it appears a car crashed into a gas main sparking this inferno. there are reports that the impact of the blast was felt blocks away. >> larry: the building you see burning is called the country club plaza with shops, restaurants and apartments and cleanup will continue for hours if not days. >> carolyn: the city of hayward is moving to shut down internet cafe that let people win cash prizes. nick smith is live in any hai ward. >> reporter: good evening. most recent move to stop internet gambling will happen in about an hour city hall behind me. he said he did everything right when he applied for the permits and those looking to shut him down, he is not afraid to fight city hall. >> this is legitimate business. we use legitimate software and we are not breaking any laws. >> ron d
mail service cutting 150,000 jobs and closing thousands of post offices around the country. the city believes it will be one of them. the council will vote on a resolution to stop the postal service from selling> the building. the resolution reminds the requirement to provide services to the public calling on them to stop the sale of other post offices but the postal service says the pub slick overreacting. attempting to sell the building first preference is lease back the space because we just need that space. the building about 47,000 square feet. >> what l building it occupies, the meeting tonight is designed to clear up any misinformation about the postal office and it starts at 7:00 right here at the capitol chambers just to explain how bad the situation is they're launching a line of clothing next year, clearly a dire situation for them. >> thank you very much. >> we're live at the new san francisco cruise ship terminal and a surprise almost to the project that isn't going over well among neighbors. >> part two of an abc 7 news i team investigation into a chemical being found
of the robberies in the city are now cell phones. today the supervisor scott weiner held a hearing to get an update on what is being done to prevent the crime. >> we can't expect people not to carry phones around with them that. is reality of modern life wex need to be careful and need to make sure we're aggressively going after criminals. >> the district attorney says it's persuing nearly 400 cell phone crime cases and in talk was the industry on how to make their products less valuable to thieves. >> whether or not it can't be used, whether or not.cqi it's more easily tracked there many different areas we can possibly work to make this a less attractive option. >> cell phones aren't just being grabbed from people on the streets. nearly 400 passengers reported cell phone thefts last year. that is why they rolled out a public awareness campaign and have fare inspectors give a heads up to the clueless. >> just walking down the street. someone asked do you have the time. someone came and grabbed the cell phone. >> heads up in san francisco abc 7 news.o7j >> yes.imñvl&h let's pay attention to weather
police officer. but rather a bay alarm security agent pat rolling residential streets of the city looking for signs of trouble. >> we're getting calls from around the city and have to make sure we're taking care of our existing areas and make sure we can serve everybody. >> there has been a lot of break ins up above us and below. >> heidi is among an increasing number of residents pitching in with neighbors to hire private security to get what the city police force can't give them. a timely respoons to a burglary or break in. >> i understand the oakland police are very overwhelmed but when someone is in my backyard it's frustrating to know i don't have anyone to call to come help me. >> she came face-to-face withoo two intruders in her backyard. she called 911 and a neighbor. the neighbor arrived in minutes. oakland police never came. now, she and 30 neighbors are chipping in $30 a month to hire patrol for bay alarm and adding more security cameras. other neighbor is taking it further, taking measurements to replace a wooden front door with a steel one. >> people are constantly casing ou
of marijuana. investigators released this photo of a pickup truck. >> in red woothd city police identified a new suspect in a recent home invasion robbery, one of three people expected of ransacking a home of a 79-year-old woman. the other suspect arrested running from the scene, trujillo and a girl may be driving a black volkswagon jetta. >> some simple technology helped police id a man, turns out he was caught ripping off a ups package from the door steps of an alameda home. we're live withc0d more for us now. nick? cool view. >> have you very much this, is to give you an idea of what police used as a crime fighting tool that thief was caught taking a package because the homeowner had a camera and police say that these have helped them fight crime. most online shoppers have backages delivered home. damon is one of them. >> there is larger package and a smaller on top. >> but he can't always be home, thieves know it. take a look. police use this video to identify the man they say stole a package from his home in the middle of the day. >> before he came home, he took the package. >> the ma
hub far from silicon valley. >> we talk about being founded by founders, and every city in mrs. has a core strength of having been built largely by entrepreneurs. >> the goal, bringing young companies together on a campus of sorts, creating a community among them and helping them find ways to maximize the city around them, rather than leave home base. >> silicon valley has awesome assets unique too that ecosystem. we -- it's all about how to build a community that derives from the assets. >> a concept budding entrepreneurs can apply in the city. >> ama: let's get to leigh glaser for a check on the weather and how soon it will be changing. >> leigh: at it going to be changing in the next 24 hours as colder air will start to move in and, yes, the rain returns this upcoming work week. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. no returns so all is clear. beautiful shots from the high definition mt. tamalpais camera. you may have noised today we were -- noticed we were done as much as six degrees, santa rose sacks yesterday 70s, today, the pie 55. concord, flipped to 66 degrees. san jose, 63.
background checks for gun buyers. slogan is protect children, the city is joining in the first ever gun buy back program this weekend. you're looking at live pictures in palo alto. >> a san jose police officer being called a hero tonight after jumping into action off the job, on his way to get a marriage license. he stopped an armed robbery. he noticed a scuffle. a woman was being robbed on the car as they approached. >> we look and we can see a scuffle going on. she told me don't get involved. >> guilty. they said i vit under control. he jumped into action. >> the 17 year veteran held the suspect until bartmxpolice took her into custody. now, the victim was not harmed. if it sounds like out of a movie it could be. his father was in "a leein". >> spending cuts could mean delays and more bears to your camp ground. still coming up a congressman walks in your shoes learning what cuts could mean to the local economy. >> also tonight space-age technology going under grouchbltd a robot looking for laekz keeping neighborhoods safe. >> politics behind academy wards. film critic explains why the fil
supposed to end just minutes from now. city cruise are at work already trying to sweep up in another crew double checking the plaza to make sure thata b o more sprucing up there is[sy2n required. >> i have to to say looking at pictures the fun is feathers flying. >> maybe not as hard as your eyes and lungs breathing in feathers. >> good weather. >> right. >> great weather for this event. here is a live view from our east bay camera looking at western sky. still aglow from sunset which occurred 45 minutes ago or so. cloud free sky around the bay area, what about those high warm in spots. highs up into 76 in clear lake. 72 in fairfield. highs into low 70s including oakland which had a high of 71. felt like spring today. at this hour, still mild with highs into 60s in many locations and 70 degrees now in redwood city. these are the forecast features, sunny and mild rain arriving on tuesday. a huge ridge of high pressure is holding us dry and mild pattern in place for a wi. will be dry throughout the weekend and you can see we'll develop an off shore flow which will reinforce mild conditions
the giant myth. signs on mission between 15th 15th and 24th were only put up less than 24 hours ago and city will you requires at least 24 hours notice. so a handful of cars were towed when they shouldn't have been. >> i'm a little frustrated by the city. that is very frustrating not to follow the proper protocol and clearly we ran into a lot of people in the same exact boat. so it wasn't just us. >> i will definitely review with beth public works and the police officers to make sure they had the signage up and make sure they're doing it right. i think we're wanting to make sure everybody is safe. >> fortunately san francisco police say those people who are wrongfully towed will be reimbursed. good news for those people. their tow cost $450. live in san francisco, abc7 abc7 news. >> dan: the super bowl brought out the good and bad in san francisco. on king street, 700 people were in line to get to pete's tavern. they got there hours before the opening. the bad was on 16th street where the dear mom bar, which caters to ravens fans, was forced to close after receiving threats of shooting. >> a
. the first meeting with one of the city's new consultants. sergio quintana was at the meeting. reporter: this is a pretty well attended meeting with a few hundred people from this area of oakland in attendance. the basic idea here is to lay out the basic steps how the consulting firm wants to get a hold on the industries crime problem. now, robert was ehrman can the chairman of the strategic policy partnership, went through a detailed power point presentation that lays out how the oakland police should operate. one big change would be cutting the city into five geographic areas and assigning a police captain to each area, and then assigning resources and responsibility to that captain to control crime in his area. was ehrman says it will help make the police department more responsive when there is crime. >> when this happens in oakland, you'll know who is the captain that has your area. and that captain will be available all the time. if you have concerns, that captain is going to know them. >> it's hard because you don't want to put up bars in your house and things like that. so i hop
of speed on the highway. >> meantime, san francisco is cracking down on one of the city's biggest land owners. academy of art university being given deadlines to comply with land use laws or face stiff fines. xÑ academy of art university has grown from 68,000 students to 11,000 along the way it's acquired property to house and teach students, now owns 41 properties across 12 neighborhoods. but the planning department says half are in violation of land use laws and that this school was put on notice seven years ago. >> policy has been if a client is trying to come into comply yens we want to allow them to do shah that. we have been doing that for a long time. >> the planning director gave the university a series of deadlines to meet. or face penalties of $26,000. another one was on track there is a minor point but i'm confident we'll get it done. >> land use issues include using buildings skond for commercial business as a school. other murder -- murder is completing an environmental impact report. university says the delay is in part because it kept growing and changing lawyers over f
is okay. checking on crowd size. >> city crews had cleared street debris and bins were hidden to prevent rowdies from setting them on fire like after the world series. signs were poftd on streets but there was a costly faus pauz. city law requires signs be posted 24 hours before cars were towed. signs were posted too late on a stretch of 24th street and three blocks of mission street but towed and brought here to the lot. these vacationers are among those who have to pay to get their car back. >> it's $500 for a car. we have two cars so it's one thousand. >> the city says it will reimburse those towed illegally. >> i don't know. good luck trying to get that from them. >> mta is setting up proceed yours to reimburse the drivers including one that you just heard. >> thank you very much. people of baltimore got a little bit rowdy after the game last night. there was in real vandalism but this crowd of revelers left dumpsters overflowing with trash. streets littered with purple confetti and streamers. the official parade is being planned for tomorrow morning. now, ravens have arrived home fr
. his picture on the front of news week and milk cartons.nn0 volunteers scoured the city two. witnesses told police they saw kevin talking to a man with a dog, the first man said kevin was at the bus stop. the second witness said the boy was in front of the home. ferian was questioned and his flat searched a week after the disappearance but police did not look in the backyard or the basement. dogs discover md sm bones in the basement floor of the house. they were sent to the lab for analysis. investigators from the medical skmer office said they were probably from an animal. well, we're told today at the briefing that police did know about the fisherman's wharf arrest at the time of the disappears yens. that is why they'd interviewed and searched his hem on messo nismt c avenue. the search produced nudging and a photo spread produced no matches from witnesses. they told us that they didn't know about the canadian section kex and arrest until recently when the cold case unit began looking at this case. >> new at 6:00 kevin collins aunt and uncle say they were hoping for more today. they
a chancellor today to talk about the future of that institution. college city fighting to keep accreditation. the meeting one of several demands made by students who started demonstrating last week. how did they do? >> well, not so good. they had demands asf@/b you sad now the students say they will walk out march 14th taking a case to city hall. >> we're a school in crisis. >> no one disputes city sclej in trouble but finding a way out has been a point of contention. >> we want to make changes but the solution administration proposes goes beyond that. and cuts are very dramatic. >> students met today for 40 minute wtz chance chancellor. this is one demand made on thursday.÷iil they occupied administration build oogt chancellor made clear we're goinsuw÷ to safety college and save our acred decision. >> some teaching positionsaj5dxy college may lose accreditation to make the collegey3 financially efficient. the college says it needs to renegotiate labor agreement autos we spend 92 cents on wages and benefits. >> students have not come up with other ways to bring in revenue, one proposal
for contributions to the country. >> city of oakland unveiled the first locally issued id card and teamed up with sf global. community leaders say they will help people including many undocumented immigrants. >> they're vulnerable because he couldn't open bank accounts so there was a target of crime die have the mexican consulate card but some business owners and some night life facilities are weird aboutmdogh5ñ >> cards allow them to avoid fees charged by check cashing service autos today i had a chance to sit down with rob riener. the man behind "the princess bride". we talked about his role as both a film make skbrer a political activist. including a fight against prop 8. >> one of the reasons we took on prop 8 aside from openus reasons of marriage equality and we should be treated equal under the law and its a bad bad initiative and you know, courts have overturned it. we hope the supreme court will uphold those rulings but it's partly an education process being able to teach, being able to show people that everybody is equal. >> riener is working on a documentary about prop 8. >> fascinating.
since february stopping in a dozen cities. they can also vote to decide where oscar will visit next. it will be in phoenix on thursday and will end up in hollywood on sunday. >> that is less than a week away. our live coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. be sthour down load our app, too. streaming video are and on the red campit, it's cool. the app available for iphone, ipad and android and kindel fire. >> i'd like to win an oscar that, sounds fun. >> at least hold one. >> true. >> some changes nrt weather. >> a different start from last week making you feel the chill in the ware snow in downtown san francisco, along the bay bridge, dark clouds in the sky. traffic moving along nicely. we're picking up a long trail of moisture very little sf reaching the ground. you can see spotty showers looks like. it's moved inland over marin not the major system. take a look at the current readings there are 48 in novato ask livermore, another live view from our roof top camera here looking along embarcadero. readings 50 degrees in santa chilly out sichld rain developing during overnight hours. thunder i
that is on purpose. >> the start up bus began three years ago, now, spread to 10 other city autos won't it be easier to hop on a plane? >> yes. would it be easier to hop on an airplane but not half as much fun. >> they stop to hear experts and do market research on a tight clock. that is last year, her teamh"1÷ produced serlized. >> you can select the ingredients you wanted in serial and see it in the bowl. >> the start up bus is one of a growing number of hackathons happening unusual convenient use. don't fancy the open road? how about open water? >> it's on a yacht. >> venture beat writer says unreasonable at sea and a start up bus exist one reason. >> there is a talent shortage in silicon valley well. have to come up with fun ideas to get programmers wanting to get involved with hacka thonz. >>"vxc the start up bus is half full and taking applications. >> coming up next a new made in america story. >> a woman turning her life of the beach into a booming >>> a published study today shows california tobacco prevention program saved us billions of dollars that. concludes cost have fallen by $56 for
in san jose. low 60s at redwood city. downtown, 61 degrees tomorrow, 65 in santa rosa, napa and sonoma. on near east bay, 61 in oakland. 64 in concord here is the accu-weather forecast. mild conditions and dry. we'll see clouds on saturday. clouds late next week wednesday, thursday. by thursday, high temperatures climbing into upper 60s to over 70. >> spring like weather continues. >> i like it. >> thank you. >> up next a san francisco bakery reaches a settlement. bakery reaches a settlement. >> it is a historic casean) 3 dg to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit the3day.org to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful >>> a minor earthquake centered in the north bay. strong enough tosp71c be built t too weak to do began. >>c÷,5x a restaurant in ch
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